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FAQ - Please also see the new guide to Faro airport and driving in Portugal *

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find answerWhat is not included - A22 toll
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NOT covered, even with excess insurance?
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Pick up in Faro airport
At the airport a friendly staff member of the company will await you at the P4 car rental center just 50 meters from the terminal building - no buses!

If you do not see the YOR rep he may be with another client. Please give him a few minutes. He has a mobile phone and you may call him on;
00351 969787039 or 00351 969777854
00351 962192529 or 00351 967779347

There is a public phone near the arrivals area.
Please also see the photo description: Faro airport

Drop off Faro airport
When returning the car to Faro airport please park it on the car park from where you collected it. The rep will be present and check fuel level and any damage. Return to top.

Please do not leave the car on any other car park, as you will remain responsible for hire fees and our expenses. If there has been any damage or other loss to the car please call the rep on the number above. It is in your interest to agree eventual damage with him before leaving. Return to top.

The contract holder is assigned as main driver, additional drivers can be added at a fee [minimum age is 25 years]. They will need to have their passports and drivers licence at commencement of hire and at all times when driving. There is no maximum age. Extra drivers must be added when signing the contact, present or with a photocopy of their drivers license. It is not possible to add extra drivers at a later time.
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The standard package includes:

CDW insurance with a low excess (this is like comprehensive in UK).
Delivery & return at Faro airport (8h30-20.30h)
1st Child seat is free.
Unlimited mileage in Portugal for rentals of one week or more.
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Available as optional extras are:

Excess waiver also known in Portugal as super CDW.
Further drivers.
Insurance to drive to Spain.
Child seats beyond 1
Person accident insurance PAI
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Paid delivery / drop off:
Delivery/pick-up charges at your accommodation in;
Carvoeiro or Alvor = 20 euro
Portimao to Lagos = 40 euro
*Out-of-hour charge between 20.00 - 8.30 h) =30 Euro.

A22 Toll

The Algarve's main motorway, the A22, operates an unmanned toll system.

All cars are equipped with a toll transponder device, upon collection of your rental car you'll be asked for a 20 euro cash deposit (30 euro for mini buses) for the transponder.

This includes 15 EUR (25 euro for mini buses) worth of pre-loaded credit and enables clients to use the toll road without having to visit local pay stations/post offices.

An option to add more credit (by a minimum of 10 euro and multiples hereof) to the transponder is available upon collection or during the rental.

Remaining unused toll can unfortunately not be refunded.

If you know in advance that you'll not use the A22 a credit card slip will be made as security and kept for 5 days after the return of the car, then destroyed.
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Full tank policy
We do not operate a full tank policy. We recommend that you call at the petrol station in the airport, open 24/7, before the start of your journey.

At the end of the hire please return the car with the same amount of petrol as at the start of the hire.
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Child safety
If you are using YOR's child seats please bring a towel or other cover to help them keep the child seats clean for the next clients children. The child seats YOR have are standard forward facing child seats generally suitable for children from 6 months to 2 and a half years. They also have booster cushions for older children (6-7 year). Where parents are concerned as to the suitability of the seats YOR provide, we recommend they bring own seats. Return to top.

Roof rack
To assist in fuel economy modern cars are of very lightweight construction. As a result of much damage caused by clients over-loading roof racks we no longer offer this service. Return to top.

Price match
We will in most cases match price and conditions (outside July & August). Please email a copy or all details and a link to the competitors web site where we can reproduce the price.

Note that YOR will charge any extras such as extra drivers, child seats etc. using the quoting companys price list with the exception of their amendment & cancellation fees. Return to top.

What is not covered even with excess insurance
Damage to the underside of the car due to negligent or off road use.
Damages from deliberate violation of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement or gross negligence.
Further a police report is always requested for the insurance to cover, no matter the circumstances of the accident / damage to the car.
These are standard car rental conditions.
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Whether you pay by credit card or in cash we ask you to complete a credit card slip as security for the amount of the insurance excess for your car group.
You can pay using: VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS But for security deposit only VISA OR MASTER CARD are accepted.
Economy class 350-1.250* euro (group A, A1, A2, A3, B, C1, C2)
Family/estate /SUV class 550-2.000* euro (group E, E1, E2, F, F1, F2, G, G1, G2, O)
Minibus/MOV 7 seats/cabrio class 950-3.500* euro (group H, H1, I, J, J1, J2, J3, JA, L, L1, L2, N, R, S)
* Depending on insurance cover Return to top.

How and when do I pay
Hire charges are payable on collection of the car by cash or credit card.
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What is PAI and what are the benefits
Personal Accident Insurance ("PAI") is an option that provides the benefits shown below, in the event of accidental death or accidental injury to a renter and passengers, occurring during the rental of a vehicle.

Renter / Each Passenger
Accidental death: euro 10,000 / euro 10,000
Accident Medical Expense up to: euro 1,500 / euro 1,500
Accident Ambulance Expense up to: euro 100 / euro 100
Total benefits for any one accident are limited to an aggregate of: euro 125,000.
Benefits are payable in addition to any other coverage available.
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Reservation deposit
YOR do not ask for a reservation deposit so you will not need to expose your credit card details over the Internet. Return to top.

The hire includes unlimited mileage within Portugal. If you wish to go to Spain you will need a bail bond and green card from our insurers. There is a charge of 50 euro for this.
The cross border insurance for Spain only provide road side assistance up to Sevilla, from the Portuguese border town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Further distances ae not allowed. Return to top.

In case of an accident
Should you have an accident or the car is broken into or any other event that requires a claim on the insurance you must call the police and get an incident report number. Without this the insurance will not pay the claim. It is your responsibility to obtain the police report number and deliver it to us. If you have any difficulties with this please do not hesitate to call the office and we will be happy to help. Please call the YOR office to report any loss or damage even if the car remains driveable. Return to top.

Return condition of vehicle
At the end of the hire please return the car with the same amount of petrol as at the start of the hire. You'll find a petrol station in the airport open 24/7 Return to top.

Our service
We seek to provide a service, which balances providing the core, needs of our clients with affordable pricing. Clients feedback is an important contribution to providing the service that the clients require and we are always happy to receive your comments.

May we take this opportunity of wishing you a pleasant trip to the Algarve.

We reserve the right to alter or change the conditions on our website or confirmation letter without prior notice.
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Break down
All cars have 24hr breakdown recovery throughout Portugal, if a car breaks down please call YOR who'll assist you with the insurance company, please have contract and car documents ready when calling. Return to top.

I have a Gold Visa, can I decline CDW insurance?
The advertised rates includes CDW (Insurance with an excess i.e. 1.250 euro for group A, B & C), if you take the supplementary "SuperCDW" at 10 euro/day you don't pay any excess in case of an accident. Payment with a VISA GOLD card may give the same cover as the Super CDW but please check with your card issuer.

What if I discover a problem with the car?
Please call YOR immediately if you discover a problem with the car or are unhappy about it, a replacement will be arranged. We can not accept complaints about the cars once the rental period has ended.

*Note: These terms & conditions may change at any time without prior notice.

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No prepayment required
Fair fuel policy
Payment only upon car collection
No cancellation or amendment fees
No required extra insurance upon arrival
Unlimited mileage in Portugal
Third party insurance and taxes included
No shuttle bus; your car is 50 m from the terminal building
No extra fees for credit card transactions
The price you see is the price you pay!
All you need to drive safely in Portugal at an affordable price!